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Medical Partnerships

CURE values its strategic medical, ministry, and non-profit partners who help us reach and heal even more vulnerable children, train local healthcare workers and strengthen healthcare in Uganda and beyond.

Community & Nonprofit Partnerships

National Partners

Acacia Community Church (Jinja)

Acacia Community Church is a Christian based organization located in Jinja. On a monthly basis Acacia Community Church hosts the CURE Mobile Clinic. In so doing they help to bring neurosurgical followup services to patients living in Jinja and its neighboring districts.

Adina Foundation (Lira)

Adina Foundation Uganda (AFU), which was officially registered in 2009, is a partner of Adina Foundation Norway. AFU’s establishment was a result of cooperation between individuals who would come to make up the Lira Rehabilitation Center (LRC) staff, founding Ugandan members of Adina Foundation Uganda, and Adina Foundation Norway. Through its rehabilitation program, Adina Foundation identifies and refers to children with different medical conditions and disabilities to different facilities in Uganda including CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda. Adina Foundation Uganda provides transportation for these patients and makes contributions to medical fees

AVSI Uganda (Gulu)

AVSI began operations in Northern Uganda in 1984, focusing on education, economic empowerment, agriculture and livelihoods, health, disability, HIV and AIDS, nutrition, child protection, clean energy, sanitation and hygiene and humanitarian emergencies.Together with Gulu Regional Referral Hospital and with support from Child Help International, AVSI engages with CURE Uganda to bring specialized medical care to Children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus from Northern Uganda on a day to day basis and during the mobile clinics in Gulu and Lira. They also help to provide refills of Oxybutinin and assistive devices for the Spina Bifida patients

Bulamu Health Care International

Bulamu Health Care International’s mission is to treat the sick and strengthen health systems serving Africans most in need. Since 2016, Bulamu has provided or arranged medical care and surgery for more than 8,000 patients and developed the Health Center Excellence program, which now works on an ongoing basis to improve the quality of care and management systems in more than 140 Ministry of Health facilities in Uganda. In partnership with CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda, Bulamu identifies and refers patients in need of neurosurgery, provides their transport and makes a contribution to their medical fees.

CFAO Motors Uganda (Toyota Uganda)

CFAO Motors Uganda, formerly Toyota Uganda, is the only licensed distributor of brand new Toyota Vehicles, spare parts and provide the Manufacturer’s warranty in Uganda. Besides selling and maintaining vehicles, the CFAO SOLIDARITÉ was created by CFAO in 2002 to contribute to the sustainable development of the African continent and to extend the Group’s commitment to CSR with the main objective of supporting local initiatives by NGOs or local associations. Through this prgram CFAO is contributing is sponsoring a total of 18 patients needing neurosurgery through a period of 3 years(2021-2023) by financing their medical fees.

Child-Help International

Child-Help wants to improve the quality of life of children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus in developing countries by timely detection and providing lifelong care, so they can grow up to become full citizens. To achieve this we work with local partners in the South and build on existing possibilities and initiatives from parents and local care givers. Child-Help helps to prevent spina bifida through food fortification and supplements with folic acid. In partnership with CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda, Child Help International provides Folic Acid for moms, Oxybutine and assistive devices for Spina Bifida Patients and contributes to the cost of mobile clinics in the country.

Ekisa Ministries and Children’s Home 

Ekisa Ministries has become a model organization in working with vulnerable children of disability. Ekisa programs address everyday problems faced by children with disabilities and their families in Uganda and work to solve their root causes. As they help the children in their care, EKisa Ministries also identifies and brings children suffering from neurological disabilities to CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda for specialised medical care.

Gulu Regional Referral Hospital

Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, commonly known as Gulu Hospital, is located in Gulu, Northern Uganda. The hospital serves a wide catchment area which includes the districts of Amuru, Gulu, Kitgum, Lamwo and Pader. It is affiliated with Gulu University. The hospital is publicly funded by the Uganda Ministry of Health and general care at the hospital is free. In conjunction with AVSI Uganda, Gulu Regional Referral Hospital provides space to host our mobile clinics in Northern Uganda.

Indian Women Association

Since 2017, The Indian Women Association has participated in the CURE Brain Surgery Run by generously contributing funds to support the surgeries of vulnerable children of Uganda in need of Brain Surgery

Joint Medical Stores (JMS)

Joint Medical Store (JMS) is a private-Not-For Profit (PNFP) Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which was established in 1979 as a joint venture between the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) and the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB). JMS is also licensed by the National Drug Authority to engage in the import, export, whole sale of medicines and related health supplies and equipment. JMS has participated in the CURE Brain Surgery Run by making donations towards the medical fees for patients in need of neurosurgery. Through JMS, we also continue to receive the Primary Health Care government grant of medical supplies.

Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Service

Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Service is a rehabilitation non governmental development organization in Uganda involved in holistic rehabilitation of children with disabilities. Katalemwa also helps to host the mobile clinics that we hold in Kampala.

Lira Medical Center

Lira Medical Centre is a private for profit medical health centre that is located in Lira town and providing general medical services to the population in Lira and the districts sorrounding it. As a contribution to the people in North Eastern Uganda, Lira Medical Centre has for many years continued to host the CURE Uganda – Lira Mobile clinic which happens every 2nd Thursday of every other month.

Ministry of Health of Uganda

Ministry of Health is the highest government body in charge of health affairs in the country. Their mission is “to provide the highest possible level of health services to all people in Uganda through delivery of promotive, preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative health services at all levels”. The Ministry of health is able to achieve this by directly financing and providing all medical and non-medical supplies, equipment and human resource to government health facilities at all levels. Ministry of health has also gone ahead to support Private Not for Profit Health Facilities in Uganda through the PHC fund. CURE Uganda is also receiving this support in form of non-wage fund (through City health office) and medical supplies (through UPMB and distributed by Joint Medical Store).

Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau

Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB) is the coordinating body for the Protestant Health Services in Uganda. UPMB is a network of 311 faith-based health institutions in Uganda. Founded in 1957 to serve as a liaison between the Government of Uganda, donors and member hospitals, UPMB now serves as a national umbrella organization with a wider mandate and membership from all over the country. CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda is one of 311 member facilities of UPMB. As an outcome from the lobbying efforts by UPMB, Ministry of health is able to support Christian, Private Not For Profit Health Facilities including CURE Children’s Hospital through the Primary Health Care (PHC) fund.

Rotary International Clubs of Muyenga Breeze and Mbale

Rotary Clubs of Muyenga Breeze Kampala and Mbale support many projects and activities in communities to benefit humanity. These clubs have financed the Rotary Neurosurgery week since 2017 at CURE Uganda where by contributing to patients medical fees, and donating gifts in kind to the hospital and patients. Each year they aim to do greater even more. They Rotary clubs have actively participated in the Annual CURE Brain Surgery Run.

Ruharo Mission Hospital (Mbarara)

The Mission of Ruharo Mission Hospital is “to provide high quality, accessible and holistic general and specialized health services to all people in Ankole Diocese and beyond and to witness Christ in service”. Ruharo Mission Hospital is located in Mbarara City which is a business hub for the Ankole Region. Ruharo Mission Hospital also plays a great role in facilitating CURE’s goal of bringing neurosurgical followup services to the patients from Western Uganda by hosting mobile clinics in Mbarara.

Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Uganda

Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus association (SHA-U) is an umbrella body of organizations of persons with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (SBH) in Uganda. These organizations represent a total number of 12,000 persons with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. SHAU is committed to improve the quality of life of people with Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus and their families, and to reduce the incidence of neural tube defects and hydrocephalus through primary prevention; public awareness, and through policy advocacy, research, community empowerment and human rights education. In partnership with CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda and with support from other organizations, SHA-U is able to organize and host the annual World Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Day celebrations every year.

Soft Power (Jinja)

Soft Power Education (SPE) is a British registered charity and Ugandan NGO, which has been working in the Jinja District of Uganda since 1999 with a mission “to improve the quality of life through education.” In addition to education, Soft Power also provides rehabilitative services to children in their community. While implementing this, they are able to identify children in need of specialized medical care like neurosurgery and go ahead to bring such patients to the hospital.

The Headway Africa Initiative

The Headway Africa Initiative is a local organization . Through her office, she has supported the CURE Brain Surgery Run by donating funds to support the brain surgeries for the vulnerable children in Uganda

The Office of the First Lady of Uganda

The First Lady of Uganda, Maama Janet Museveni is the Chairperson of the CURE Uganda in-country Board. Through her office, she has supported the CURE Brain Surgery Run by donating funds to support the brain surgeries for the vulnerable children in Uganda

The Patrick & Carol Bitature Foundation

Patrick Bitature is a Co-Chair of the CURE Uganda in-country Board. Through the Patrick and Carol Bitarure Foundation, he has supported the CURE Brain Surgery Run in raising funds to support the brain surgeries for the vulnerable children in Uganda and created linkages between CURE and other important stake holders and institutions in the country

UMEME Limited

UMEME is the main electricity distribution company in Uganda. Since 2021, UMEME has generously contributed to the CURE Brain Surgery Run by contributing funds to support the surgeries of vulnerable children of Uganda in need of Brain Surgery

International Partners

College of Surgeons of East, Central, and Southern Africa (COSECSA)

COSECSA is the largest Surgical Training Institution in Sub-Saharan Africa. We deliver a common Surgical Training program with a Common Examination and an Internationally recognized Surgical Qualification. As part of their training, COSECSA students do a rotation at CURE for Peadiatric Neurosurgery – ETV/CPC Surgical Procedure. This is coordinated by our CURE Neuro program.

eRko – Christian Children Communities Movement

eRko is a non-governmental children’s organization working throughout Slovakia since 1990. It currently has more than 6500 members and rated as one of the biggest children’s organization in Slovakia. Through the Dobra Novina program, eRko has continued to support over 200 surgeries for children with neurosurgical conditions at CURE Uganda.

International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

The mission of the International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus is to improve the quality of life of people with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and their families, and to reduce the incidence of neural tube defects and Hydrocephalus by primary prevention, raising awareness, and through political advocacy, research, community building and human rights education.

Liliane Fonds

Through our local partner Katalemwa Chesire Home, the Lilliane Fonds have contributed to the medical expenses of patients with neurological disabilities from all over the country. To date, they have continued to support Katalewma Cheshire home and other partners to provide Community Based Rehabilitation to children with disabilities and their families.


Smile Train is the world’s largest cleft-focused organization, with a sustainable and local model of supporting surgery and other forms of essential care. Despite the fact the Cleft Surgery is not related to our speciality- Neurosurgery, CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda continues to work in partnership with Smile Train to bring this service closer to the people of Eastern Uganda by hosting Cleft Surgery Camps at the hospital. CURE Uganda has also received Cleft patients and helped to arrange their transportation to CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital in Entebbe where these services are provided on an ongoing basis.

USRATUNA Rehabilitation Center

Usratuna an NGO in Southern Sudan aims to improve rehabilitation, health and educational services for children with disabilities who access the Usratuna Center. In coordination with CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda, Usratuna is able to provide specialized medical care to children with neurological disabilities. To do this, Usratuna arranges transport for these patients and makes a financial contribution for their medical fees.

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