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Helping kids heal in Uganda.

We provide sponsored brain surgeries and spiritual care for children living with treatable neuro disabilities.


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About CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda

CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda has been a place of hope since opening its doors in 2001. It is one of Africa’s leading pediatric hospitals for brain surgery and the treatment of neurological conditions. Our teaching hospital has an 18-bed Intensive Care Unit and 50 ward beds, three operating rooms, and an outpatient clinic. In addition to world-class medical care, our team ministers to the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and their communities.

Medical Services

Our hospital provides diagnostic exams, pre- and post-op evaluations, medications, lodging for patients and caregivers, assistive devices like wheelchairs and crutches, physical therapies, biblical counseling, and more.

Before Surgery

Compassionate care begins before surgery with a complete medical exam, education and counseling for patients and families, and even time for fun and play.

Surgical Care

Every life-changing surgery performed by world-class surgeons to treat neurological conditions like hydrocephalus, spina bifida, and brain tumors begins with prayer.

After Surgery

After surgery, healing continues with post-op evaluations, physical therapies, counseling, rehab services, assistive devices, and even fun with time for play and learning about God’s love.

"I am amazed at the power of having a vision and commitment, and you walk that path until you achieve it. I love the mission you stand for, the values you uphold, the environment you create for our people. I love that you value quality, and the spiritual component of your service – that you care for the whole person, and you let the children know that they are special to God."
Dr. Diana Atwine | Permanent Secretary of Uganda’s Ministry of Health

Our Hospitals

Our in-patient clinics provide consultations for pre-surgical evaluation and post-surgical follow up – free of charge – to children with treatable disabilities.


CURE Childrens Hospital of Uganda:

Address: Plot 97–105, Bugwere Rd 903, Mbale, Uganda
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00-17:00 Weekends: 9:00-13:00
Phone: +256 45 4435273

Upcoming Mobile Clinics

CURE’s mobile clinics take compassionate care on the road to reach children in rural villages living with disabilities. Children able to be treated are scheduled for surgery at the CURE hospital. As always, this comes at no cost to our patients or their families.

Gulu Regional Referral Hospital
November 8
Location: Gulu Regional Referral Hospital
Call: +256 776762425 for more information
Lira Medical Centre
November 9
Location: Lira Medical Centre
Call: +256 776762425 for more information
Jinja Acacia Community Church
November 23
Location: Jinja Acacia Community Church
Call: +256 776762425 for more information
Kampala Clinic
November 24
Location: Katalemwa Cheshire Home of Rehabilitation Services
Call: +256 776762425 for more information

Contact Us

CURE Uganda’s mission is to provide every child living with a disability the physical, emotional, and spiritual care they need to heal. If you have questions about becoming a patient or a partner with CURE, please contact us.